• A network of partners

    Meet and share your experience with other members of NextGen from Bulgaria and the other NextGen organizations around the world!

  • Trainings and leadership development

    Learn from leading experts and entrepreneurs from all around the world! Develop your environment and gain leadership experience!

  • Amusement

    NextGen is, above all, a group of friends. Having fun together is our rule number one! :)

What is NextGen?

Next Generation is an integral part of Family Business Network. This sub-entity is completely focused on the next generation of leaders in the family business – people aged 18-39, who are at different stages on their way to assuming leading roles in their family companies. A variety of events on a national and international level with the aim to prepare young people to successfully enter the world of their family businesses are organized every year.


Feel the spirit, unity and passion of Next Generation.

The video from our Winter meeting and ski tournament will show you the strong connection between us and our mutual goals.